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Day 3 - Thursday - TG Day 2

Woke up really early after a freezing night. Should have brought more than just a blanket for a cover.
Rolled up the 'sleepingbag' and made my brain and body try and work together and had it all move towards our seats in the ship.
No, still no IP. Haplo was already up and had checked. Went to Info and asked and was given the same line 'work is being done, it cant be that bad'.

Returned to our seats, decided to give 'them' a little while, while we played some Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge (multiplayer is done via IPX, so no IP is needed fortunately.

The Norweigan part of our little team woke up and we discussed the situation while listening to other people in the hall already fragging and leehing to their hearts desires (and yet others with the same problem as us).

For some reason we did not follow up on the idea of checking up on the possibillity of having our ferry-tickects changed for the same afternoon - we just played RA2/Y and mumbled unmentionable words inbetween us on how Info didn't want to give us information on what the problem really was instead of giving us the 'work is being done'-routine.

Ok, to cut the whining and the wondering about how uplink was working with nothing in the uplink-port on the neighbouring switches, the net-crew was seen working their way through the ship and slowly a cheer was heard as yet another and then another table was connected.
So we waited.. counting the hours, already forming the words in our 'refund-claim' that we would send to 'deltagerombudet' in our heads...

.. and yay! almost precisly 24 hours after we tried getting an ip for the first time it actually worked! There was no internet-connection.
It was only during that morning that the crew informed the rest of the Ship that there was a 'status-light' under the control-booth in the middle of the ship.
Red Light = problems, green light = no problems. We did not give a rats a.. though as the light had been green several times, even though we couldn't even get IPs (grrr).

Anyhow - somewhat satisfied that Crew at least would reckognize the problems and inform us that there was a problem with the internet-connection, we decided to hit HydroTexaco for some breakfast..

After a few power-outages (planned, apparently), playing Solitaire on my PDA for a while and watching Haplo trying to take pictures of all the girls walking past our row, I finally got on the net, putty'd home and started uploading our pictures from the trip so far to my server.

At the same time, I was following the conversation on #TG as more and more lamers joined and then got kicked out by the channelbot - and I am not sure if I should be thankful or not to my norweigan (ex)colleague sitting beside me, because when I somehow managed to step on the channel-rules and got kicked out for 300s, a person was addressing me in the channel and he was friendly enough to make me aware of it.. I think I made sort of a friend there, but it would take several days until I would realize that...

The rest of the day, our mood livened up quite a lot and we went from little dissatisfied grunts to happy happy geeks, already forgetting the curses and threats from the day before about leaving.

Shot a lot of pictures, played games, surfed the 'net, IRC'd away with old and new friends, talked to the guys on the other side of the table (cool, more people with HP-equipment ;)) - and of course - slamming cokes!

'To leeching!' --ba1der

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