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Day 6 - Sunday - Day 5 for TG

This day - the last day of TG - the sun was getting up, casting a warm light into to the Ship. The radio was still going on, even though the host needed sleep like the rest of us - more and more.
More coke was given away while people slowly woke up and started packing and the messages on the messageboards in the Ship made even less and less sense.

As the morning progressed, everything started to make less and less sense as everything that happened turned into just glimps - people sleeping in their chairs - tables cleaned out - network going before time - only half a goodbye to AK ..

In the middle of this there was some good news. My cellphone had been located and returned to the Info-desk - yay. Unfortunately I ony found out approximately 20 minutes after I had called my provider, and it took them a whole week to figure out the procedure for re-opening it again. grr!

Packed the car - drove to the McD in Downtown Hamar (their atm-machine had apparently been stolen or something, so we were referred to the ATM-machine in the neighbouring bank), got something to eat (with cokes, of course), got in the car and headed off for Oslo. Fell asleep behind the wheel, and fortunately woke up again before something happened. Pulled over at the first rest-place along the road and handed haplo the keys and ordered him to take good care of the car the rest of the way, as I probably would be 'out of comission' the rest of the way to the ferry...

Ferry-terminal, icecream, service-people rollerblading on the peer, cabin with the silent hum of the engine in the background, the first really hot shower since tuesday, 9 hours of sleep until the next harbour, coma-like sleep with the silent hum of machines in the background - just like sleeping with earplugs at TG.. peace.

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