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Mine and other peoples pictures from TG04 in Hamar, Norway 2005.

The pictures in the folders named 'k2OS' are taken with my camera, primarily by me, and pictures in the folders named 'haplo' are taken with haplo's cam, primarily by him.

Based onn the hughe success of my 'diary' from TG04, we (haplo and I) decided to re-do it in almost the same style as last year.
That means, me writing and shooting, and haplo just shooting.
This year, the 'diary' starts on the 21st of march with me (k2) arriving at haplos place, switchig cars with his dad. Based on painful experience, we have decided that the smurf is too small for going to TG again, so we have borrowed his dads van. Yes,there will be pictures of that.

So this is where we start. The progress of each day is as follows:
Day 1 - to be written.
Day 2 - to be written.
Day 3 - to be written.
Day 4 - to be written.
Day 5 - to be written.
Day 6 - to be written.
Day 7 - to be written.
Day 8 - to be written.

Links for other peoples galleries can be foundhere (samlinga.org).