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Friday the 25h of march, TG Official day 3.

Crashed at approx. 6 in the morning (had time getting a place to sleep too) and got woken at approx. 10 by a speaker-voice announcing that now 'all major problems that had been know was fixed' followed by a hughe applause and cheer from the room.

Starting the pc this was confirmed and I fired up WoW. Sheez - down for weekly maintenance.. and it was down until 3 in the afternoon or so. What's more frustrating? Having no net and knowing that WoW is up, or having net and WoW is down for maintenance? Argh. you do the math..

Norweigan food is still expensive, 'crossdressers' are distracting and people are still weird (beyond Data-Party-weird). One thing has changed though - certain questions should be asked - even if you don't like the answer..

Crashed at 7 or so next morning..

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