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Pictures here are updated almost daily between the 18th and 26th of april.
Last update:
21/4-06 - still need 3/4 of todays pictures..
22/4-06 - about halfway through uploading pictures from the 21st..
23/4-06 - done uploading pictures in 'by mom' and 'rené from the 21st and 22nd..
24/4-06 - working on uploading from the 23rd (part two of the roadtrip to philly..)
24/4-06 - done uploading pictures from the 23rd
25/4-06 - uploaded a few pictures from the 24th, going home today so the last pictures will no be up before the 26th
27/4-06 - all pictures from rené and susanne are now uploaded. still missing a few from mom
29/4-06 - all pictures are now uploaded