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Day 1 - Tuesday

Day 1 was actually day -1,0 and 1 in one easy package.
k2OS left his home just outside of CPH in .dk on monday night and drove all the way to haplos place.
Very early tuesday morning we headed off to Hirtshals in k2's car (The smurf).

8 hours later we arrived in Oslo, and yet another 1½ hours drive, we found ourselves just outside Vikingeskipet. Oh boy it was big.

As we didnt want to disturb the crew, we headed into the towncenter, looking for food and maybe a netcafe. We ended up in an italian restaurant downtown, where the waitress (oh mama..) could inform us, that the only netcafe they have had had ben closed down not long ago.

And so we drifted at bit for a while, going to the local newspaper-kiosk, where the girl running the place that (cold, please take me home) night also could inform us that there was no netcafe in Hamar anymore.

Downhearted we drove back to Vikingskipet, and found that the two cars we saw earlier in the parkinglot had turned into twenty-something cars and several campingwaggons, and in front of each of them was a little fire where people were trying to keep warm.

The Vikingship itself reminded us slightly about Moya (FarScape) in the dark with lights coming out the windows placed in the roof - beautiful sight (guess you have to be a geek to have any clue about what I just wrote, right?).

We took another short walk, and came back to find even more people, and loud music in the parking lot. We moved the car to a darker spot, got our blankets from the back and tried to make ourselves as comfortable as possible as you can in a Polo from 86 and with lots of music in the parkinglot and screaming people (yes - we slept like shit and our backs are still sore ;))

The next day is a different story about our continuous (semi)good timing that were overshadowed by a much more serious event (or the lack thereof).

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