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Day 2 - Wednesday - day 1 for TG - Juhu

just before 5 in the morning, I (k2OS) really needed to pee, so I unwrapped myself from my blanket and got out of the car (ohmygoditscoldinnorwayat4inthemorning!).As I got out, a guy in the car right next to us rolled down the window and asked 'if the registration had opened since I got out of my car?'.
I gave him the blank stare for a while until my brain could put together the pieces about the cold weather, our current location, the weird language the guy in the car was speaking (norweigan, no offence guys, but it was shit-early and f*cking cold and I hadn't slept well), and with my blatter screaming and yelling and the fact that I had no clue what the guy was talking about, I could say no more than 'no idea - I just need to pee'.

So he rolled down the window and I did my business, got back to the car (darnit, also cold like shit inside the car) and wrapped myself in my blanket the best one can do that when you're behind the wheel in in an '86 polo (did I mention that its a rather tiny car? yes I did, and when the backseat is folded togeter to form a large luggage-compartment, the frontseats cannot be pushed back very far).
Anwyay - 10 minutes later, I could hear someone with a megaphone announcing somethin in the parkinglot and all of a sudden the music stopped and the guys in the car next to me got out and walked towards the ship.
I just sat there in the car, trying to decide if I should go out and investigate, or just try and get some sleep (in our little minds, the ship did not open until 9am so we reckoned that we would sleep until 7 or so).
Since it kept being quiet out there, I got out of the car once more (haplo was asleep, and he can be rather grumpy if woken up for nothing in the morning), looked around like the semi-blind mouse I always am after just (not)sleeping for 4 hours and not wearing my glasses, and by the looks of it all, it seemed like a crowd had formed up a the entrance-doors at the ship.

I got my jacket out of the car and walked towards the ship - and yay. People where standing in line for something, and other people were coming out from inside the ship waving white plastic-bags. Looked like there was a registration going on so I walked up to the 'no bracelet'-queue and followed the crowd (no, I did not go and wake up haplo - it was a 3 minute walk to the car and it was frelling cold (FarScape again there ;)), so he could go for himself later).

So yay - we got our bracelets and around 7am we were allowed to stash our gear in the temp-area in the northern end of the ship.

Long story short (my fingers and hands are getting very angry with me and AK is getting impatient (more on this on dag03 ;))),everyone were allowed in the ship (and there was much rejoicing), so we rolled (ok carried) everything to our seats, set everything on, opened the first coke (the first coke on the inside anyway ;)) and turned on the machines at 11:07...

... no net-connection .. not even Local net - no IP, no nothing - and after a whole day with not so much as an ip-address and only very flaky wlan-connection we were seriously thinking about leaving the next day already (if no fix in 4 hours, then there will usually be no fix at all and Crew:Info could say nothing else than 'just wait - work is being done and you're supposed to be here for 4 days - what is a little period of time without working LAN?').

Went to bed after ~12 hours with no working net, wanting to rip heads off, talking about checking the situation when we wake up and then call the ferry and ask if we coud change the ticket...

Cold floor.. lots of noise.. stupid TG - now go see pics before you fall asleep as well..

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