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Mine and other peoples pictures from TG04 in Hamar, Norway 2004.

The pictures in the folders named 'k2OS' are taken with my camera, primarily by me, and pictures in the folders named 'haplo' are taken with haplo's cam, primarily by him.

It was the idea that I would write a little intro for our TG-trip here and then follow up on each days events in the individual dagXX-folders.
However, I have only done one for dag01 dag01 and dag02 dag01, dag02 and dag03 dag01, dag02, dag03 and day04 dag01, dag02, dag03, dag04 and most of dag05 so far and then added very small descriptive titles for each subfolder under the remaining days.

Please bear in mind, that dag01 is actually the first day me and haplo were in Hamar and not day 1 for TG.
Maybe I will add more - maybe I wont ;)

my checklist for this years (2004) TG can be found here.
Links for other peoples galleries can be found here (samlinga.org).