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Day 4 - Friday - Day 3 for TG

Ok, so it turned friday and we slowly realized something - that we had paid way way way too much got the dinner the night before - actually it wasnt the day before, but the day before that. And we realized it already the day after (whoich would be the day before the day this log actually was written for ;)).
Two reasons for not mentioning this before in the log for friday: 1) This log is written almost a week after we returned to .dk, and hey - we're all human and the week at TG messes slightly with your body and mind ;) and 2) The log for wednesday and thursday got quite long, so I dit not want to bore you for an extra long time with such a boring story (and if you believe reason #2, you're less clever than I expected - it was, of course, because I messed the days up in my head).

Now - where was I? Yes - expensive dinner vouchers. Along with our TG-tickets we ordered the whole shebang: TG04 Jug and dinnervourchers for a good meal for 4 nights - when we're going this far (out of Denmark etc., we might as well go all the way.
Wednesday afternoon it was announced that those who had purchased said vouchers could collect these at the the Info-desk. So we got in line and got our vouchers for that evening. No problems whatsoever - just waving my danish healthinsurancecard (which I had registrered on PTN for everyones convience) and reminding the somewhat baffled info-crewmember that, 'yes - just scan the barcode on the front and stop looking like you've never seen a danish healthinsurancecard before' and 30 seconds later we had our vouchers. We were ready for our first real meal at TG.
So - with the small paperslips in our hands we walked around in the cafeteria-end of the hall for a while, not really knowing where to actually get the food. So first we walked up to the cafeteria - 'no, we dont accept those as payment here, try in the foodstand below (Ed: next to the info-desk).
Ok, so we walked dow there, stepped up to the counter and waved the slips at the (mm.. she looked nice) young lady behind the counter and uttered words that sounded like 'can you please accept these for food?' in our own little heads.
'Ok - you want a burger, or two pizza-slices?' - We just looked at each other, having a little nag that something was wrong, because we had seen the sizes of the burgers sold there (nothing wrong with the burgers, but compared to the price we surely had paid for the dinner-vouchers, then the burgers were at least half the expected size).
One short look at eachother (and the lady/girl behind the counter - yes, she looked like a fine example of a nice young norweigan girl .. (hello - snap out of it and order those darned pizza-slices already!)) - 'pizza, please'.
2 minutes later, we were each handed a paper-plate with two pizzaslices - not even half a regular pizza each - and worth NOK50,- - already then we had a feeling that we'd been had, as the vouchers surely must have cost moret than NOK50 a piece. Anyway, it was food, so we walked back to our seats, consumed the pizzas and grumbled because we had no chance of checking the actual prices of the vouchers as we had no net at all the first 24 hours (see dag03 for more on this).

Apart from this, everything blurred into leeching, gaming, gasping (yes, still on day 3 of TG) over the shere amount of people, computers and the size of the ship (Vikingeskipet - not Moya ;)), shooting pictures, finding out that some guys where doing what they called '#tgradio', giving them coke (both teams) and being interviewed 'live on the air' about danish/norweigan language-issues by matsi, talking more with AK, finding out that I actually shot several pictures of her the day before, eating our second real dinner (nice meals when when we finally got the full meal), doing a little magic in PhotoShop to impress AK (and to see what the h... she looked like, because, for some reason none of us really were busy getting up to face the other eye to eye), staying up late and got a hold of our pre-purchased jugs (nice jugs - not big but nice logos - they'll be well taken care of), plotting to kill someone by making them read this whole sentence out in one go, with no airpauses, latenight compos, loud music, talking to AK (already said that? yes, well, we talked a lot, so I guess it's ok to say it twice).

Crashing very late saturday morning in an illegal spot, which had quite a serious impact on not only the rest of TG, but still has kind of a grip on my life, here, one week after TG, writing this down.

More on this 'tomorrow'.

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