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Wednesday the 23rd of march -day 1 for TG - we are in!

Shortly before 9 we went for the traditional breakfast at the local gas station (hey - 2 times makes it a tradition - even if this is only the 2nd time we're doing it) - heated baguettes. Once again(*) we were reminded of the incredibly high prices in norway. 50kr NOK for each baguette! - 'throw in one of those muffins with chocolate while you're at it' was our only response as I handed over my already over-charged visa.

(* the night before we went to 'the best pizza-place in town' where we paid approx. NOK135kr for a pizza..ouch..)

Ok - quick rollup until approx. 17.16 this afternoon:

After breakfast we went directly to the checkin-queue, got our bracelets and moved all our stuff into the Ship) and was done setting everything up a around 12.30 and lo an behold! we got both IP and internet! Little was the surprise though when we lost internet around 2 minutes after booting up.. and this is still the situation here at half past 5 in the afternoon.

Compared to last year, we are still keeping our calm. well.. everyone execpt for lilly.. our resident WoW-addict.. poor girl. And this reminds me, that after sunday I refuse to move monitors for other people - especially when said monitors are bigger than my own (yes.. monitor-envy sucks, but so does 17").

More will probably come.

21:46: no net. frustration no longer lurks, it is cruising the edge of the calm..

22:27: still no net.. frustration is crying 'we want net, not intro'. Lillywhite has given up on Leisure Suit Lary. I have long ago given up on the Ubuntu liveCD that was in the goody-bag. All shine, but no content. Could not boot in anything but default mode, and the only media-player it contained cannot play mp3-files. considered using it as a freesbee, but I wouldn't want to hurt anyone innocent and un-deserving.

03:16: yes, yes, oh yay! it was announced over the speakers, that 'now the issue has been resolved and 90% of the ship should now have working network again'. The crowd cheered and a tour-de-reboot commenced for that beloved IP. And behold. a few reboots later I was actually able to connect to WoW and play for a couple of hours before sleep overtook me. Surfing was still a pain though, but as long as I was logged in to Wow and didn't get disconnected I was happy.. for a little moment there.

The resident Addict had long ago given up on the network and gone home to sleep and on purpose I did not alert her of the sudden (positive) change in the situation in case everything would crash again in the morning..

Crashed shortly before 6 in the morning after a very nice, hot and long shower to a Beddingfield-song buzzing in my head (and now I'm being cryptic, let's just say that 'some questions are better unasked').

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