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Thursday the 24rd of march, 2005. TG day official day 2.

Got semi-woken up at 10 in the morning by speaker-announcements that further issues had been resolved with the network - yay. Stayed in my sleepingbag until shortly before 12 though.

Turned on my pc with a blank stare and a 'It's alive!' to the norweigans across the table. If I was referring to myself or the pc at this point is not clear to even me. not then, not now, probably never.

Yay. The net was indeed working. smiling faces all around me. Little was my surprise though when I realized that it primarly was the local net that seemed to be fully operational - everyhing external either timed out or was unreacheable.

I did however manage to get some of our pictures uploaded to the server at home (where you are reading this now, unless you are reading over my shoulder ;)).

Shortly after I managed to get onto MSN I was greeted with a 'you should have informed me the net was working!' - the Resident Addict was awake, aware and on her way.

To be continued here